As Polat Makina, we continue to work in each day in order to provide the transforming power of our production capacity for the use of the global-scaled business facilities. Thanks to our deeply-rooted experience in design, engineering and different industries, we provide endurable and value-added industrial solutions which can overcome production challenges.

Companies who trust Polat Makina
"We have come across with very high efficiency in test procedures of Polat decanter. It reduced the sludge density from 69 (ft3/lb) to 65(ft3/lb), which is significant to us. We believe that we made the right choice."

Süleyman Erbek

Project Manufacturing Manager, TPAO

"Polat Decanter which prioritizes its product and service quality was our first preference because of the proceeds we have obtained in each process we use."

Mümin Hekimoğlu

Lezita Et, Deputy Production Manager

"3 continue system olive squeezing machinery at our cooperative belong to Polat Makina. One of the main reasons for us preferring Polat Makina was its developed and fast service network."

Halil Zahit Mert

Küçükkuyu Tarış Chairman