Mission, Vision and Values

Having been laid the foundations by İbrahim Polat in 1978 in Aydın, Polat Makina aims to improve constantly and provide products and services in global-scaled quality and standards with its employees.

It continues its journey which had began in an atelier for 4,5 m2 by exporting the values manufactured in an area for 88,000 m2 for 36 countries in today’s world. Polat Makina endeavors to become “the best” in innovation, quality, service and customer relations through its 9 group companies and world-wide sales and service network.

We are looking after our values

We prioritize creating value for our customers, meeting their expectations in company with quality and stability, looking after our products and being there for our customers aftermarket process. We aim to realize a corporate management faithful to the values such as modesty, human and endeavor, public closeness and social responsibility awareness. Another fundamental principle which we prioritize is to fulfill our responsibilities for today’s world and future generations.

We are environmental-sensitive

We are aware of the world in which we are breathing. Therefore, we act with consciousness to protect the environment in all products which we manufacture and we have adopted generalizing this consciousness as a principle.

We respect for human

Growing with determination, rising with endeavor and gaining strength with technology, our firm owns the point on which it is standing on now to the constant work and valuable people who have committed themselves to the firm. The quality of products and services originates from the quality of our employees.
Employing the most qualified and experienced labor force, making use of the abilities, competencies and creativeness of our employees, increasing the efficiencies of and providing opportunity for our employees to improve themselves, creating a working environment where cooperation and solidarity exist and improving together are the corporate principles which we adopted.

Companies who trust Polat Makina