Quality Management

Our main aim is to meet the demands and expectations of our customers in full and to create a real customer satisfaction.

As Polat Makina A.Ş.,

  • We adopt to gain customer loyalty by meeting the demands and expectations of our customers in line with the standards and laws through a service understanding on time and with high quality,
  • To meet all quality and hygiene standards required to protect the health of our customers and comply with all rules required for our critical control points, and therefore to provide products and services in a reliable environment,
  • To be a firm which is aware of its responsibilities for the society and world in which we live and which does not waste and use resources effectively and fulfills its legal obligations in full, acts sensitively for the environment in each stage of business activities and follows processes in compliance with occupational health and safety standards,
  • To improve the effectiveness of our products and systems constantly with the participation of our suppliers and employees,
  • To attach value for our all employees, to provide trainings in order to improve the awareness level of our employees in food safety, environment and occupational health and safety, to realize constant improvements with team spirit in line with the targets and policies of our institution through the participation of our all employees,
  • To create a trademark identity which realizes its each any all activities without any fault for each products/services and operations provided,
  • To be the leader in the industry in which we operate by increasing our competitive capacity and productivity

as company principles.

Quality Control Process

Quality control activities are realized in an effective way in all processes including the process stages from supply process of input products to the shipment of machinery manufactured.

Input Quality Control

Input Quality Control: Spectral Composition Analysis

Input products supplied from our national and international suppliers under the purchase specifications of Polat Makina are controlled in full by the input quality control department.

Input products are controlled based on the measures, materials, endurance, color, visual and other characteristics and requirements specified in the technical images, product specifications or product technical certifications.

Control activities whether the input products comply with the measures and geometrics specified in the technical images and specifications are realized through measuring tools such as caliper, micrometer, CMM measure device, etc.

Products such as stainless steel, peak, sphero, etc. in different alloy and material characteristics produced through different processes such as forging, casting, etc. are supplied with supplier reports and certifications including the material heat treatment and measurement report.

In the input product controls, chemical compositions of the material is measured through spectrometer and mechanical and heat treatment characteristics are measured through hardness testing machine. The product is controlled whether it is in the range specified in the specification and it is compared to the supplier reports.

Input approval procedure of each input product batch is reported in details and recorded. Batches and products which are considered suitable as result of the assessment are approved over SAP and placed on the raw material storage. Traceability is ensured by 100% based on batch number and supplier.

Polat Makina A.Ş controls and assesses the quality performances of its suppliers constantly and develops it by feedbacks. It takes actions to increase the quality performances of its suppliers with constant improvement methodology and secures the input product quality in a sustainable way through the supplier visits and inspections.

Process Quality Control

Process Quality Control: CMM Measuring and Scanning at Bench

They are the quality control operations applied in the material preparing, machining, metal works, assembly and painting processes.

Whether the first part manufactured after the installation at the related process and bench complies with the measurements and requirements specified in the technical image is controlled by the quality team. If the part is measured, scanned and controlled, the quality department gives the first approval to the production department for the part. The production begins based on the first approval mechanism.

All main and sub processes such as cutting, bending, perforating, turning, milling, hatching, grinding, trimming, welding, detensioning, pickling-washing, sanding, painting, installation are controlled effectively.

While the production is ongoing, quality department realizes sampling as frequency and the production department controls and reports all parts manufactured.

The quality of parts manufactured in the process are assured and the parts which are not suitable for the new stage are prevented.

The results of measurements on parts and processes are observed statistically by SPC methodology. Performances and competencies of bench and process are tracked constantly.

Measurements and controls are realized through equipment of which calibrations are suitable for the process. Calibration process of testing and measuring tools used in the firm are tracked effectively and calibration activities are realized periodically by the accredited institutions.

Final Quality Control

Final Quality Control: Vibration Test

During the detailed final quality control process realized before the shipment, continues systems, decanters, separators, malaxators, breakers, washing machines, conveyor belts, feed screws, seed separators, vibrations, pumps, boilers and boards are controlled based on product technical image and specifications.

Following visual and functional controls are realized meticulously based on the product type and working principle.

Results of the controls and measurements are written on the final quality control approval form with the serial number of the machinery and reported and stored. Therefore, traceability is provided for each machinery.

As the result of the controls realized, machinery which meets all requirements are sent to the shipment department as ready for the shipment after being attached with the quality control approval label by the quality department.

Controls realized in the final quality control process:
  • Detailed installation controls,
  • Working test,
  • Water leakage test,
  • Noise (sound level) test,
  • Engine vibration control,
  • Chassis/body vibration control,
  • Body cycle controls,
  • Screw cycle controls,
  • Body and screw engine current,
  • Shaft cycle controls,
  • Bed vibration control,
  • Bed temperature controls,
  • Input product debit,
  • Transmission control,
  • Tore control,
  • Board electricity test,
  • Paint thickness measurement,
  • Surface fault and stainless control on stainless surfaces,
  • Surface fault and color control on painted surfaces,
  • Cleaning control of welded surfaces,
  • On-machinery label controls,
  • Package controls.
Perfection of our products are controlled with 3D coordination measurement devices.
Infrastructure of testing and measuring tools of Quality Control Department
  • CMM Measuring Device
  • Surface Roughness Measuring Device
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Device
  • Hardness Measuring Device
  • XRF Spectral Analysis Device
  • Vibration Measuring Device
  • Audio-level meter
  • Shore-meter
  • Surface Thermometer
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Cylinder Comparator
  • Spring Gauges
  • Mitre
  • Radius Gauge Set
  • Buffer, Ring, Screw, Gauge Sets
  • CE Testing Device
  • Calibration Kits
Quality Certificates

Our firm has been entitled to be granted with the following quality documentations as the result of the sensitivity it has shown towards the quality systems:

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