Service & Support

Our wide-spread service network adopts a solution-oriented approach and aims to keep the customer satisfaction in the maximum level. Polat Makina which shares its experience on the production with the customers in each and any stage of the aftermarket services offers fast and reliable solutions with its existing and technological infrastructure.

Service & Support

The systems are required to provide constant and efficient service in food industry where centrifuge separation is applied such as olive oil systems, milk and oil processes, sludge dewatering, mining and mineral oils. As Polat Makina, we support our customers with our national and international service network in aftermarket service, maintenance, repair and section parts so that the systems which we have sold can provide constant and high performance services.

Assembly and Commissioning

As Polat Makina we offer suitable solutions for the processes of our customers within the framework of our quality policy. We realize the assembly of projects on the field, commissioning, performance tests, user trainings and all aftermarket services in compliance with the standards and procedures.

Spare Parts

Polat Makina protects your original spare parts and device because the whole equipment has been designed and produced for more endurance, productivity and less environmental impact. Using the original spare parts of Polat Makina enables the sustainability of the performance, reliability and lifetime of the equipment.

Original spare parts of Polat Makina is improved constantly in compliance with the standards and to obtain maximum quality. Therefore, first investment costs of the products can be covered in a shorter time.

Thanks to effective data trace and flow systems, we endeavor to meet the spare part need of our customers in a short time period.

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

All products purchased from Polat Makina have been manufactured in the highest quality. Besides, we are ready for any problem which might occur in use. We attach great importance for our products to show the maximum performance during their physical lifetime. Within this scope;

  • We provide Repair Service,
  • Maintenance Service,
  • Model or version upgrading services based on the new needs or changing regulations

Periodical maintenance prevents minor problems to transform into major problems with high cost. Polat Makina provides opportunity for business facilities to continue their operations constantly thanks to its maintenance services.

While providing all these services, we aim for the product which you are using for the time being to continue to operate with the lowest facility cost until it fulfills its lifetime.

Maintenance Contracts

Polat Makina offers solutions by which you will obtain the maximum efficiency consistently and constantly. Thanks to periodical maintenance services applied based on durations, contents and annual contracts and of which scope has been specified in line with the needs of our customers, the quality and lifetime of your equipment increases.

Companies who trust Polat Makina
"We have come across with very high efficiency in test procedures of Polat decanter. It reduced the sludge density from 69 (ft3/lb) to 65(ft3/lb), which is significant to us. We believe that we made the right choice."

Süleyman Erbek

Project Manufacturing Manager, TPAO

"Polat Decanter which prioritizes its product and service quality was our first preference because of the proceeds we have obtained in each process we use."

Mümin Hekimoğlu

Lezita Et, Deputy Production Manager

"3 continue system olive squeezing machinery at our cooperative belong to Polat Makina. One of the main reasons for us preferring Polat Makina was its developed and fast service network."

Halil Zahit Mert

Küçükkuyu Tarış Chairman