Mission, Vision and Values


We are an integrated company in olive oil, food, beverage, dairy, enviromental, chemical, drilling and petroleum industries with separation technology. We take real steps in life that create long-term value and ensure that everyone has access to reliable and innovative service while protecting the environment. Our actions are always aimed at protecting and promoting human rights and the environment, respecting safe and fair working standards, and investing in a sustainable future in all over the world.


To be a leader company in all over the world “for advancing towards a brighter future in every aspect” by focusing on sustainability, quality and innovation, enabling us to use ideas, skills and passion to create long-term growth.

The values that guide our harmony

Our values are summarized as our Code of Ethics; tells who we are and what we believe in, guides our actions, defines our commitment and the behavior of both ourselves and our stakeholders.

Respect and Protection of Human Rights and Environment

We operate with respect for Human Rights and the Environment, and we expect the same commitment from all our partners. We provide an inclusive work environment that values uniqueness and diversity as essential resources for human development.


We pay attention to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. Recognizing that it is crucial to share goals and results to maximize value and reduce business risks, we are committed to maintaining a constant dialogue with our colleagues and providing them with clear, complete and accurate information.

Operational excellence

We ensure the efficiency and integration of our operations by minimizing risks and creating opportunities throughout the entire value cycle.

Teamwork and cooperation

We work with passion, believe in team spirit and value everyone's talent. We regard cooperation as the fundamental element of building solid and lasting relationships, where we can express our potential and achieve corporate goals.

Supporting development

We work to support efficient and sustainable access to energy resources that protect the needs of future generations, respect Human Rights, the environment and society as a whole. We support an inclusive development that can produce common and lasting value in all regions where we operate.


We believe innovation is at the core of personal and business growth. We are committed to acquiring the latest technological skills to develop innovative ideas and improve our daily activities, contributing to the advancement of civil society by increasing safety and reducing environmental impact.

Companies who trust Polat Makina
"We have come across with very high efficiency in test procedures of Polat decanter. It reduced the sludge density from 69 (ft3/lb) to 65(ft3/lb), which is significant to us. We believe that we made the right choice."

Süleyman Erbek

Project Manufacturing Manager, TPAO

"Polat Decanter which prioritizes its product and service quality was our first preference because of the proceeds we have obtained in each process we use."

Mümin Hekimoğlu

Lezita Et, Deputy Production Manager

"3 continue system olive squeezing machinery at our cooperative belong to Polat Makina. One of the main reasons for us preferring Polat Makina was its developed and fast service network."

Halil Zahit Mert

Küçükkuyu Tarış Chairman