Research & Development

Our R&D Center accelerates the development of our firm and country with its fast, appropriate and permanent solutions for technical problems, TUBITAK projects and university-industry cooperations.

Suggestions on the most suitable equipment for your facility and production process are provided by R&D Center.

Suggestions on the most suitable equipment for your facility and production process are provided by R&D Center. Our R&D unit at the center of the development and innovation works of Polat Makina was supported of the T.R Ministry of Industry in 2017 and granted with the status of R&D Center as the result of its long-term projects, operations and innovation works.

R&D Center constituted by Centrifuge Decanter, Centrifuge Separator, Steel Based Manufacture and Project teams according to their experiences and specialty fields aims to provide smart solutions and maximum customer satisfaction.

Tesis ve üretim sürecinize en uygun ekipman önerileri Ar-Ge tarafından geliştiriliyor.

R&D Center of Polat Makina has an active role in each stage of development, testing and application of centrifuge system and equipment. In addition to the long-term experiences, Polat Makina uses the knowledge of process engineers and technicians in the most effective way. Launching any and all projects with the motto of “minimum energy and maximum productivity”, Polat Makina R&D team provides environment-friendly solutions.

  • Optimization of productivity and output product quality,
  • Development of product and processes,
  • Elimination of problems encountered in processes,
  • Choosing right equipment through comprehensive laboratory analysis,
  • Suggestions on the most suitable equipment for facility and process,
  • R&D researches and testing works with the participation of engineers and technicians,
  • Testing works with mobiles facilities before purchasing,
  • Guidance, recommendations and training based on your process requirements,
  • Facility-customized product/process development and “scale-up” projects.

Mobile Unit

Polat Makina provides mobile solutions for your separation operations. The facility for your process is prepared fully assembled with its all pipes and cabling systems and as ready to work without requiring any additional installation. Mobile systems detailed based on the customer requirements and field conditions provide solutions as turnkey facilities.

Companies who trust Polat Makina
"We have come across with very high efficiency in test procedures of Polat decanter. It reduced the sludge density from 69 (ft3/lb) to 65(ft3/lb), which is significant to us. We believe that we made the right choice."

Süleyman Erbek

Project Manufacturing Manager, TPAO

"Polat Decanter which prioritizes its product and service quality was our first preference because of the proceeds we have obtained in each process we use."

Mümin Hekimoğlu

Lezita Et, Deputy Production Manager

"3 continue system olive squeezing machinery at our cooperative belong to Polat Makina. One of the main reasons for us preferring Polat Makina was its developed and fast service network."

Halil Zahit Mert

Küçükkuyu Tarış Chairman